How many days in April?

Each April lasts 30 days.

It is:

  • 744 hours
  • or 44640 minutes
  • or 2678400 seconds

Next April

It is Thursday 26th of May 2022.

Next April will start on Saturday 1st of April 2023.

There are still 310 days left to this date.

Live counter:


26 days have passed since last April.

Next April will begin in 310 days.

April in next years

Date Days in month Days to date
April 2023 (Sunday)30 days310 days
April 2024 (Monday)30 days676 days
April 2025 (Wednesday)30 days1041 days
April 2026 (Thursday)30 days1406 days
April 2027 (Friday)30 days1771 days
April 2028 (Saturday)30 days2137 days
April 2029 (Monday)30 days2502 days
April 2030 (Tuesday)30 days2867 days
April 2031 (Wednesday)30 days3232 days
April 2032 (Thursday)30 days3598 days
April 2033 (Saturday)30 days3963 days
April 2034 (Sunday)30 days4328 days

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