How many days in June?

Each June lasts 30 days.

It is:

  • 744 hours
  • or 44640 minutes
  • or 2678400 seconds

Next June

It is Thursday 26th of May 2022.

Next June will start on Wednesday 1st of June 2022.

There are still 6 days left to this date.

Live counter:


330 days have passed since last June.

Next June will begin in 6 days.

June in next years

Date Days in month Days to date
June 2022 (Saturday)30 days6 days
June 2023 (Sunday)30 days371 days
June 2024 (Monday)30 days737 days
June 2025 (Wednesday)30 days1102 days
June 2026 (Thursday)30 days1467 days
June 2027 (Friday)30 days1832 days
June 2028 (Saturday)30 days2198 days
June 2029 (Monday)30 days2563 days
June 2030 (Tuesday)30 days2928 days
June 2031 (Wednesday)30 days3293 days
June 2032 (Thursday)30 days3659 days
June 2033 (Saturday)30 days4024 days
June 2034 (Sunday)30 days4389 days

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