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How to convert Nautical miles to Light years

1 Nautical mile is equal to 1.9575097769792E-13 Light years.
1 nmi = 1.9575097769792E-13 ly.
x(nmi) / 5108531317494.6 = x(ly)

To get the result in light years divide the number of nautical miles by 5108531317494.6.


Convert 5 Nautical miles to Light years:

5 nmi / 5108531317494.6 = 9.7875488848959E-13 ly

Nautical miles to Light years Conversion Table

Nautical miles [nmi] Light years [ly]
0.01 nmi1.9575097769792E-15 ly
0.1 nmi1.9575097769792E-14 ly
1 nmi1.9575097769792E-13 ly
2 nmi3.9150195539584E-13 ly
3 nmi5.8725293309375E-13 ly
5 nmi9.7875488848959E-13 ly
10 nmi1.9575097769792E-12 ly
20 nmi3.9150195539584E-12 ly
30 nmi5.8725293309375E-12 ly
50 nmi9.7875488848959E-12 ly
100 nmi1.9575097769792E-11 ly
500 nmi9.7875488848959E-11 ly
1000 nmi1.9575097769792E-10 ly

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