Hex Calculator

Add, subtract, multiply, or divide hexadecimal numbers, and convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal and vice versa.


HEX to Decimal converter

Decimal to HEX converter

How to use this calculator?

  1. Enter the first number (in hexadecimal or decimal).
  2. Choose whether to add, subtract, multiply, or divide the numbers.
  3. Enter the second number (in hexadecimal or decimal).
  4. Get your result.

How to use these converters?

  1. Decide whether to convert from hexadecimal to decimal or from decimal to hexadecimal, and select the corresponding converter.
  2. Enter the value you wish to convert from.
  3. Get your result.


HEX Value Decimal Value
12C 300
A 10
F 15
336 822
41A 1050

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