Concrete Slab Calculator

Calculate the amount of concrete needed for a slab with specified length, width, and depth.


To use this calculator, specify the length, width, and depth in the units of your choice.

If you want to, you can also change the unit of the result (i.e. from yd³ to m³).

How to calculate how much Concrete do you need to pour a slab?

Simply multiply the length by the width, by the depth, all in the same units.

Concrete Needed [ft³] = Length [ft] * Width [ft] * Depth [ft]

Example: Calculate the concrete needed for a surface with a length of 10 ft, width of 6 ft, and depth of 5 in.

Remember that 5 in = (5 / 12) ft

Concrete Needed = 10 ft * 6 ft * (5 / 12) ft

Concrete Needed = 60 ft * (5 / 12) ft

Concrete Needed = 25 ft³ ≈ 0,93 yd³

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