YouTube Earnings Calculator

Estimate your potential earnings from advertisements displayed on your YouTube videos based on the average daily views and RPM.

Typical RPM on YouTube is around $2, but it can vary significantly depending on factors like your niche and the location of your audience.

How to use this Calculator?

  1. Enter your views per day, month, or year in Views and Period fields.
  2. Enter your average or expected RPM (Revenue per 1000 views).
  3. Get the results. If you want, you select their period and see daily, monthly, or annual earnings.

How to calculate YouTube Earnings?

Multiply your daily video views by the average revenue per 1000 views (RPM), and divide the result by 1000.

Daily Earnings = DV * RPM / 1000
  • DV = Daily Video Views
  • RPM = Revenue per 1000 views
Then the result is multiplied by 30.437 for monthly earnings or by 365.25 for annual earnings.

How to estimate YouTube RPM?

RPM can vary depending on a number of factors, including audience demographics and advertiser demand. For instance, niches with high advertiser demand, like tech or finance, tend to have higher RPMs than those with lower demand, like hobbies or personal vlogs. Furthermore, RPMs can differ between countries or regions, based on factors such as local advertising regulations, purchasing power, and viewer engagement.

Other factors that can affect your RPM include the types of ads you display, the quality and length of your content, and the engagement of your audience. For example, videos with longer watch times and higher audience retention rates may attract more valuable ads and generate higher RPMs.

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