Character Counter

Calculate the number of characters in the entered text.

Characters Without Spaces:

The character counter allows for automatic counting of characters with spaces and without spaces in the input field.

The character counter is useful when writing various content that have a set limit. For example, when placing an advertisement in a newspaper, you usually have to fit within a certain number of characters, and when writing a new post on Twitter, in many cases it cannot exceed 280 characters.

This counter allows you to easily count the number of characters in your text.

How to use the character counter?

To use this character counter:

  1. Enter or paste your text into the "Enter your text" field.
  2. See the result in "Characters" or "Characters without spaces" field.

The character counter should update after every change made to the text (e.g. deletion or addition of a new character, pasting or cutting text, etc.).

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