Sentence Counter

Calculate the number of sentences in the text.


This tool is designed to help you quickly and easily count the number of sentences in your text. It's perfect for writers, editors, and anyone who needs to keep track of sentence count for their work.

The sentence counter tool automatically counts the number of sentences in any given text. Not only is it a great way to assess the length and structure of your writing, but it can also help you stay within the required parameters for certain assignments, such as essays or research papers, where there may be a strict word or sentence limits.

How to Use the Sentence Counter?

To use the Sentence Counter:

  1. Enter your text or paste it in the "Enter your text" field.
  2. Check the number of sentences and/or paragraphs above the text field.
If needed, continue working on your text inside the field. Every change should automatically update the counters.

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