Cylinder Volume Calculator

Calculate the volume of the cylinder in liters, cubic centimeters, or other unit, based on the provided input data.

V = h * r² * π

This calculator allows you to calculate the volume of a cylinder based on the provided height and either the radius or diameter of the base, all in your chosen units.

How to calculate the Cylinder Volume?

To calculate the volume of a cylinder, multiply the height by the radius raised to the power of two, and then multiply the result by PI.

Example: Calculate the volume of a cylinder with a height of 15 cm and a radius of 5 centimeters.

V = h * r² * π

V = 15 cm * (5 cm)² * 3.14

V = 15 cm * 25 cm² * 3.14

V = 15 cm * 25 cm² * 3.14 = 1177.5 cm³

How to use this calculator?

  1. Enter the height in the selected unit.
  2. Enter the radius or diameter in the selected unit.
  3. See the results, and if needed, change the unit.

If you want, you can also see the full calculation process diretly below the result.


Height (h) Radius (r) Volume (V)
70 cm 20 cm 87,96 liters
1 m 25 cm 392699,08 cm³
15 in 3 in 424.12 in³
89 m 12 m 40262,65 m³
50 ft 30 ft 141371.67 ft³