Geometric Mean Calculator

Calculate the geometric mean of a set of numbers.


How to use this Calculator?

  1. Enter comma separated numbers (all positive or all negative) into the first field.
  2. Click "Calculate".
  3. See the calculated Geometric Mean and step-by-step calculation process.

How to calculate the Geometric Mean?

To calculate the geometric mean, multiply all the values together and then take the "n-th" root of the product, where "n" is the number of values you multiplied.

Geometric Mean = n√(x1 · x2 · ... · xn)
Example: Calculate the Geometric Mean of numbers: 4, 15, 25, 30, 70.

Geometric Mean = n√(x1 · x2 · ... · xn)

Geometric Mean = ⁵√(4 × 15 × 25 × 30 × 70)

Geometric Mean = ⁵√3150000

Geometric Mean ≈ 19.9371

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