Hotel Nights Calculator

Calculate the number of hotel nights and estimate the total cost of the stay based on the entered arrival date, departure date, and optionally, the price per night.


How to use this calculator?

  1. Input your arrival date.
  2. Input your departure date.
  3. If desired, input the price for 1 night for the estimated total cost of the stay.
  4. Tick the "Add 1 day" box if you anticipate late check-out, and the hotel counts it as an additional night.

How do hotels calculate nights?

Hotel nights usually represent the nights you spend in a hotel.

If you plan to leave the hotel after the check-out time on a given day, even if you won't spend that night there, you should include this night in your calculation (use the "Add 1 day" option in the calculator).

For example, if you check in at 11 AM on Monday:

  • Check out before 11 AM on Tuesday, and many hotels would count it as one night.
  • Check out at 6 PM on Tuesday (after the check-out time) or 8 PM on Wednesday, and it would be considered two nights.

Be aware of specific check-in and check-out times some hotels enforce. It's crucial to understand their policies, how they calculate nights, and any potential charges for early check-ins or late check-outs.

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