Words to Minutes Calculator

Calculate how long it will take to read a text of a given number of words.

Total number of words in your text/speech/podcast/presentation

How many words you read per minute (WPM)


This calculator helps in estimating the time needed to read aloud speeches, podcasts, scripted YouTube videos, and more.

How to use this Calculator?

  1. Enter the number of words have to read into the Words to Read field.
  2. Select your Reading Speed. You can set it to custom and input your WPM (the average number of words you read in one minute).

Once these fields are filled, the result will appear automatically in the Words Per Minute field. Additionally, in the next field, you can also see the result in the format of hours:minutes:seconds.

How to Calculate Words to Minutes?

Divide the total word count by WPM (Words Per Minute). The average WPM is around 150, but everyone has their own reading pace, so it's best to know your own WPM and substitute it into the formula or input it into the calculator as "Custom WPM".

Words to minutes = Words / WPM

You can multiply the obtained result by 60 to get the number of seconds, which you can easily convert, if needed, to the format of hours:minutes:seconds.


Words to read WPM Time to read
2000 150 13.3 minutes (13:20)
4000 130 30.8 minutes (30:46)
500 200 2.5 minutes (02:30)
300 100 3 minutes (03:00)
750 300 2.5 minutes (02:30)