Age Calculator

Calculate your age in seconds, hours, days, weeks and other time units.


The age calculator allows you to calculate your:

  • total age
  • age in seconds
  • age in minutes
  • age in hours
  • age in days
  • age in weeks
  • age in months

It also calculates the number of days until your next birthday and allows you to check your age on a specific date, for example, to check your age in two years.

How to use the age calculator?

  1. Pick the Date of birth.
  2. Pick the date in the Age at date field (the default value is today's date, but you can change it).
  3. Click "Calculate".
  4. Get your results!


Date of birth Age at Date Result
01.04.1990 14.04.2022 32 [years], 13 [days]
12.10.2001 15.07.2020 18 [years], 9 [months], 2 [years]
01.01.2000 01.01.2030 30 [years]

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