Download Time Calculator

Calculate the average time to download a file of the given size.


The download time calculator allows you to calculate the estimated download time of a given file based on its size and average download speed.

How to use the Download Time Calculator?

  1. Enter the file size (e.g. 2 Gigabytes).
  2. Enter your average download speed (e.g. 50 Mbit/s).
  3. Click "Calculate".
  4. Get your results!

How to calculate the Download Time?

To calculate download time, divide the file size by the download speed in corresponding units (e.g. MB and Mbit/s, or GB and Gbit/s).

Then, multiply the result by 8 (because 1 byte = 8 bits).

Download Time [seconds] = File size ÷ Download Speed × 8
Example: Calculate the download time for a 250 MB file at a download speed of 50 Mbit/s
Download Time = 250 MB ÷ 50 Mbit/s × 8
Download Time = 5 * 8
Download Time = 40 seconds


File size Average Download Speed Estimated Download Time
30 Gigabytes 100 Mbit/s 00:52:00
1 Terabyte 1 Gbit/s 02:13:20
300 Megabytes 2 Mbit/s 00:20:00