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Calculate your BMI and see how is it classified.

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To use the BMI calculator, select whether you want to use the metric or US system. Specify the height and weight and press "Calculate BMI". The system will calculate the BMI, and show its classification based on the table below.

Note: This calculator is designed to calculate the BMI of adults. For children, the classification of BMI may vary according to their age.

BMI table for adults

BMI range Description
< 16.00 Underweight (Severe Thinness)
16.00 - 16.99 Underweight (Moderate Thinness)
17.00 - 18.49 Underweight (Mild thinness)
18,50 - 24,99 Normal
25,00 - 29,99 Overweight
30,00 - 34,99 Obesse Class I
35,00 - 39,99 Obesse Class II
40+ Obesse Class III