Stride Length Calculator

Enter the distance walked and steps taken to calculate the estimated stride length.


To calculate your average stride length, enter the distance traveled and the number of steps you have taken into the calculator.

An average step length for woman is 2.2 feet length (67 centimeters) and 2.5 feet for men (76 centimeters).

Calculation formula

Stride Length = Distance / Number of Steps
For example, if someone walked for 2 miles and took 4000 steps:
Stride Length = 2 mi / 4000 = 0.0005 mi = 31,68 in


Stride Length Number of Steps Stride Length
100 yd 120 30 in
100 m 130 76.92 cm
1 km 1372 0,73 m
950 m 1124 0,85 m
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