Fuel Cost Calculator

Calculate the estimated fuel cost for a given route based on the average fuel consumption and the price per liter or gallon.


How to calculate Fuel Cost?

To calculate the fuel cost based on distance (miles), average fuel consumption (mpg), and price per 1 gallon, you can use the following formula:

Fuel cost = (distance / mpg) * price per gallon


  • distance is the distance traveled in miles
  • mpg is the average fuel consumption in miles per gallon
  • price per gallon is the cost of 1 gallon of fuel in dollars
For example: let's say you want to drive a car that gets an average of 25 miles per gallon and you want to travel a distance of 200 miles. The price of fuel is $3.50 per gallon. What would be the total fuel cost?
Fuel cost = (200 / 25) x 3.50 = 28.00 dollars

How to use Fuel Cost Calculator?

To calculate the estimated fuel cost:

  1. Enter the distance and its unit (e.g. 30 miles)
  2. Enter the average fuel consumption for your vehicle (e.g. 20 mpg)
  3. Enter the fuel price (e.g. $3.50 per gallon)
  4. Check your results: it should contain the total fuel price and fuel needed [e.g. 5.2 USD (1.5 gal)]


Distance Avg. fuel consumption Fuel price Total fuel price Fuel needed
150 miles 25 mpg $3.50 per gallon 21 USD 6 gallons
125 kilometers 8 l/100 km $3 per litter 30 USD 10 liters
50 miles 18 mpg $3.70 per gallon 10.3 USD 2.8 gallons

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