Fuel Consumption Calculator

Calculate the estimated fuel consumption in the selected unit based on the distance traveled and the amount of fuel used.


How to calculate Fuel Consumption?

To calculate fuel consumption based on distance (miles) and fuel consumed (gallons), you can use the following formula:

Fuel consumption = distance [mi] / fuel consumed [gallons]

For example: let's say you drove a car for 300 miles and consumed 12 gallons of fuel.

Fuel consumption = 300 / 12 = 25 miles per gallon (mpg)

How to use the Fuel Consumption Calculator?

To calculate the average fuel consumption:

  1. Enter the distance (e.g. 30 miles).
  2. Enter the fuel consumed (e.g. 2.5 gallons).
  3. If you want to calculate the estimated total fuel price, optionally add the fuel price (e.g. $3.50 per 1 gallon).


Distance Fuel consumed Average fuel consumption
30 miles 2.5 gallons 12 mpg
200 miles 10 gallons 20 mpg
200 miles 10 gallons 20 mpg

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