Sidewalk Temperature Calculator

Calculate the approximate temperature of the pavement based on the air temperature.


The temperature of the pavement is in many cases much higher than the air temperature. For this reason, it is worth checking it before we decide to walk on such pavement without shoes, or before we go out with our pet.

Unfortunately, the temperature of the pavement is influenced by a whole lot of factors, such as the material from which it was made, the place in which it is located, or even for what time the sun has been shining with a given intensity.

This calculator allows you to roughly estimate what temperature a pavement may have, but it is not able to replace a professional temperature measurement. It has been designed on the basis of many different data to give reasonably realistic results, but in many situations, they may differ from the real ones.

How to use this calculator?

  1. Enter the Air Temperature (°F).
  2. Indicate whether the entered temperature is in a sunny or shaded place.
  3. Check your Estimated Sidewalk Temperature (°F).


Air Temperature Place Estimated Sidewalk Temperature
85 °F In the sun 108 °F
90 °F In the shade 100 °F
95 °F In the shade 109 °F
102 °F In the sun 155 °F