Sand Calculator

Calculate the total weight and price of sand depending on the entered data.


How to use this calculator?

  1. In the Method field, select whether you want to enter the precise dimensions or volume (e.g., in ft³).
  2. If you selected dimensions, enter the Length, Width, and Depth in the selected units. If not, enter the Volume and its unit.
  3. Enter the Density of the Sand. The density is usually about 100 lb/ft³ (1600 kg/m³).
  4. If you want to calculate the Total Cost, enter the Price.
  5. Get your results.

How to Calculate the Sand Needed?

Volume Calculation

Ensure that the dimensions are in the same unit (e.g., feet or meters) for accurate results.

The volume will be in cubic units (e.g., cubic feet or cubic meters).

Volume = Length × Width × Depth
Example: Calculate the volume of sand for a surface with a length of 10 ft, width of 15 ft, and depth of 2 ft.

Volume = Length × Width × Depth

Volume = 10 ft × 15 ft × 2 ft

Volume = 300 ft³

Weight Calculation

Make sure that all the dimensions are in the same unit (e.g., feet or meters), and the density is in the appropriate unit (e.g., pounds per cubic foot or kilograms per cubic meter).

Weight = Volume × Density
Example: Calculate the weight of sand for a volume of 300 ft³ and a density of 100 lb/ft³.

Volume = Volume × Density

Volume = 300 ft³ × 100 lb/ft³

Volume = 30000 lb