Tile Calculator

Calculate the number of tiles needed to cover a wall, floor, or any surface based on the dimensions of the area, tiles, and grout width.

Tile size:
Area to Cover:
Price and Boxes (optional):

How to use this Calculator?

  1. Enter the tile size in the selected units. Also, enter the Gap Size (the grout between tiles).
  2. Enter the Area you want to cover with the tiles. You can enter the dimensions or the total area.
  3. Optionally, if you want to calculate the estimated Price, enter the Price per tile, per box, per square centimeter, per square meter, per square inch, per square foot, or per square yard.
  4. Optionally, specify how many tiles are in one box. This will calculate how many boxes do you need, and if needed, allow you to calculate the total price when you set the unit price per box.

How to Calculate how many Tiles you need?

Tiles needed = Floor dimensions / ((Tile Height + Grout Gap) * (Tile Width + Grout Gap))

If the result is not an integer, round it up.

Example: Calculate the number of 14 cm x 14 cm tiles needed for a 3 m² wall (use 0,5 cm grout gap)
Tiles needed = 3 m² / ((14 cm + 0,5 cm) * (14 cm + 0,5 cm))
Tiles needed ≈ 142,69
Tiles needed ≈ 143

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