Styrofoam Calculator

Calculate how much styrofoam is needed to insulate a given surface depending on the insulation thickness.


How to use this calculator?

  1. Select whether you want to use Imperial or Metric units.
  2. Enter the total Area.
  3. Enter the Insulation thickness.
  4. Enter the Styrofoam in one package if you want to calculate the number of packages of styrofoam needed.
  5. Get your Results.

How to calculate the styrofoam needed?

Multiply the area in square feet by the result of thickness (inches) divided by 12:

Styrofoam [ft³] = area [ft²] * (thickness [in] / 12)
Or multiply the area in square meters by the result of thickness (centimeters) divided by 100:
Styrofoam [m³] = area [m²] * (thickness [cm] / 100)
Example: Calculate the styrofoam needed for a 100 sqft area for 12 in insulation thickness.

Styrofoam needed [ft³] = area [ft²] * (thickness [in] / 12)

Styrofoam needed [ft³] = 100 * (12 / 12)

Styrofoam needed [ft³] = 100 ft³